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Power Swing Yoga: Workout in the Air

Power Swing Yoga

Living in Jakarta means that you will be very busy with the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Hectic schedules often limit us from leading a healthy lifestyle, causing stress and poor health; common problems that people who live in a big city face almost every day. Nowadays, people are starting to look for a fun and unique workout, because we have got enough of the usual workout routines.

Klub & Spa Borobudur at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta brings you the most talked-about yoga workout: Power Swing Yoga. It’s a fun, unique, and effective workout routine to revitalise your body, mind, and soul. Power Swing Yoga is unlike any other Yoga out there, it allows you to defy gravity with the help of a hammock and pose a variety of yoga poses. It combines one’s physical strength and functions, as well as your mind for natural and effective spinal restoration. It feels like you are flying, in fact, you are doing yoga in the air.

Power Swing Yoga is not only fun, but it also facilitates inversion therapy and relieves back pains and spinal issues naturally. Even if you’re doing the workout for health reasons, you’ll also be increasing your body’s balance, so you need to trust your own body and the hammock that supports your yoga poses. It may increase your core muscle strength and flexibility, and it’s also good for cardio and weight training.

Power Swing Yoga is free for Klub & Spa Borobudur members and hotel guests. If you’re not a member, Klub & Spa Borobudur is having a promotion of only IDR 300,000 net/class and you are eligible to get 1-time free class for every 3 classes attended, valid for a limited period only. For more information, please visit, or contact us at +62-21 380 5555 ext. 74227.

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