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Minister of Health Reveals Estimated Price of COVID-19 Vaccines in Indonesia

Minister of Health Reveals Estimated Price of COVID-19 Vaccines in Indonesia

The COVID-19 vaccine in Indonesia is targeted to be available next month, November 2020. If the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency grants permission, vaccines will be distributed to health workers and staff working in public services.

The provision of COVID-19 vaccines in Indonesia are set to be available independently. However, the price is still under consideration and is yet to be confirmed.

Expert staff to Achmad Yurianto, the Minister of Health Technology and Globalisation, has confirmed that the price is still an estimation.

“We’ll not be distributing them for any more than Rp200,000. That’s our estimate, but it’s still being calculated,” they reported on Monday 26th October.

“People will be provided with an area to be vaccinated independently. The details, such as the process and how to implement it are being formulated across ministries,” said one of the staff members.

It was emphasised that the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is not the only way to reduce the contraction of COVID-19. Strict health protocols are still to be enforced.

Primary prevention cannot be ignored. It doesn’t mean that once you’ve been injected, goodbye masks. No. In December, there is only to be 1.5 million vaccines and many others will not have it. If all of Indonesia has done it, it is still not certain all of our neighbours have. Our obedience is not to be eliminated, said a staff of the ministry.

The provision of the COVID-19 vaccine is still waiting for direction regarding emergency use, and the halal certification of the vaccines. This is to ensure safety, inclusivity, and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Source: DetikHealth

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