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Anies: PSBB Remain until Transmission is Below 1%

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Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan, has said that Jakarta will not loosen large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) until the coronavirus transmission in the capital is under 1 percent.

“I can’t say how many more days or how many more weeks, I think no one can say that. But we are entrusting it to the scientific approach. The epidemiologists continue to count and monitor the percentage of coronavirus cases in Jakarta. Once the number is 0.7 or 0.8, we can start to feel relieved and loosening PSBB, ” said Anies.

Currently, the transmission of COVID-19 in Jakarta, according to Anies, is already around 1 percent, with the government seeming to wait for a decline to 0.4 percent. To reduce the transmission rate, Anies said it’s necessary to collaborate with all parties, therefore he asked citizens to stay at home for the next few months.

“Law enforcement is not enough. In Jabodetabek where there are more than 25 million people, we must handle the situation while thinking of whether we want to stay at home for months ahead or want to quickly be done with the stay at home situation. If returning to normality is wanted, then we must be more disciplined,” he said.

Anies has asked the citizens of the capital to not get carried away with the discourse of easing PSBB, as Jakarta is still tightening it.

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