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East Indonesia Mujahidin Militants Kill Four Farmers in Sulawesi

Farmers killed
East Indonesia Mujahidin Militants Kill Four Farmers in Sulawesi

Four farmers from Kalemago Village in Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi are suspected to have been killed by several East Indonesia Mujahidin (MIT) group members.

Head of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Public Relations, Police Chief Commissioner Didik Supranato, said that the allegation was based on a witness report. The person said they saw and was able to identify one of the five perpetrators.

The witness identified the perpetrator, known as Qatar, from the leaflets containing pictures of the Poso terrorist DPOs distributed by the police.

“The witness then reported to the village head, the village head then immediately reported to the police. After that, the Madago Raya Task Force went to the scene,” said Didik.

Based on the results of the case where the incident took place, said Didik, the victim was killed using a sharp weapon.

“They not only killed the farmers, but the perpetrators also stole money and other valuables belonging to the victims,” ??said Didik.

He added that, from the results of the search at the first location, two people had been brutally killed. Around 200 metres from the first location, the Madago Raya Task Force found two other victims.

All four victims are known to be farmers with the initials MS (52), SS (61), P, and L.

Didik emphasised that the sadistic murders that occurred in the Napu valley was a form of terror carried out by the East Indonesia Mujahidin Terrorist group.

Central Sulawesi has seen violence between Christians and Muslims in past decades. East Indonesia Mujahidin Terrorist militants ambushed a Christian community in Poso, killing four with one victim beheaded and another burned to death whilst dozens of homes and a community centre were set ablaze in November 2020. photo courtesy

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