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Cops Nab Man Who Splashed Acid on Wife and Allegedly Killed Her


On Tuesday, December 6, police arrested a 28-year-old suspect who allegedly killed wife after splashing acid at her when he saw her riding a motorcycle with another man.

Deputy Chief AKBP Faizal of the West Jakarta Metro Police told reporters that the suspect, identified by the initials RK, allegedly murdered his wife out of jealousy. The police chief explained that the suspect carried out the act simply because he saw his wife riding a motorcycle with another man.

On November 25, SM (initials for the victim) was riding an angkot minivan on her way home from work. RK hopped into the vehicle and deliberately splashed her with sulfuric acid. Investigation revealed that the suspect had collected the dangerous liquid with the intention to use on her wife and kill her.

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The acid immediately burned through SM’s skin, while the angkot driver also suffered from  burns with some of the acid splashing on his left shoulder. The woman victim was rushed to the Cengkareng Regional Hospital but was declared dead after two hours upon arrival.

The suspect immediately fled Jakarta after the incident, took a bus to Belitung Island where he hid from the authorities.

Eventually, police tracked the suspect, arrested him and brought him back to Jakarta to face legal charges. RK could be convicted of domestic violence and premeditated murder, the penalties of which can range from 20 years’ imprisonment to death penalty, the maximum punishment for premeditated murder in Indonesia.

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