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Cinemas Opening at Reduced Capacity

Cinemas Opening at Reduced Capacity

Cinemas in DKI Jakarta can operate again under the transitional large-scale social restrictions (PSBB). However, the capacity of visitors is limited to a maximum of 25 percent; the previous maximum limit was 50 percent.

As a result, the Indonesian Cinema Entrepreneurs Association (GPBSI) explained that not all cinemas will open simultaneously because there are still managers who have decided not to open. This was agreed upon in the GPBSI meeting which was held on Wednesday 14th October.

“The current PSBB we see is not in accordance with the previous PSBB regarding the capacity from 50 to 25 percent. In that meeting, democratically, each group has their own rights, that’s how their management is,” said GPBSI Chairman, Djonny Syafruddin.

Cinema managers asked DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan to review the maximum limit of visitors and increase it back to 50 percent.

“Pak Governor, please review it again, we beg you. We appreciate it,” said Djonny.

He said that not all cinema managers will reopen their cinemas with this capacity as the visitor limit is not economically feasible, both for the manager and the film producers who will show the films. Moreover, cinemas have been under pressure because they have been closed for almost seven months.

“We obeyed the provisions of the Jakarta Regional Government from the beginning. July we did not open – we were patient. August, we also did not operate, September could open, but it did not happen. We are patient, we never make a fuss. We also accommodate all input,” added Djonny.

Djonny explained that the cinema managers have prepared health protocols and will implement them properly if the capacity can be 50 percent.

“If cinemas are open again, I don’t think it will be crowded. It takes a process of up to six months for a recovery,” explained Djonny.

He also asked other parties not to spread fear in the public to visit the cinema. So far, there is no new COVID-19 cluster in theatres, including in overseas.

Source: Detik News

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