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A Foreign Tourist Disturbed by the Sound of Brong Exhaust Goes Viral

A Foreign Tourist Disturbed by the Sound of Brong Exhaust Goes Viral
A Foreign Tourist Disturbed by the Sound of Brong Exhaust Goes Viral. Image Source:

The furious tourist from South Korea sounded off on how he found Indonesian motorbikes with brong exhaust engine “noisy and very annoying”.

Motorbikes using brong exhausts (a type of exhaust that is not equipped with silencer tubes or partitions, thus producing a noisy sound) is common in Indonesia to this day. Some of them typically use this type of exhaust engine for aesthetic purposes as well as deliberately generating boastful and louder sound. 

Unfortunately, tourists and foreigners who are not accustomed to the sight are not necessarily fond of the noise generated by these brong exhausts. One of those tourists, a South Korean native named MinJae Kang, has recently made his remark about the noise on his Instagram account @daggy_94. The tourist, after visiting Indonesia, uploaded a clip comprising his concern, which later went viral as it has drawn in more than 97 thousand likes on Instagram.

In the video billed as “Hanya 1 Yang Aku Benci di Indonesia” (Only One Thing I Hate About Indonesia), uploaded on Instagram on the 9th of April, 2024, Kang can be seen strolling around an unidentified town in Indonesia. While walking, he documented his anger over the noise made by the exhausts from the motorbikes passing on the highway. At one point, as documented in the clip, his anger led him to shouting at the passing motorbike riders in Korean.

“Ah, it’s so noisy! Why make a motorbike like that?” Kang remarked.

“They can ride motorbikes quietly, but they make noise like that. Why?” he also added by the end of the clip.

The Indonesian government has already greenlit regulations regarding the use of exhaust in motorised vehicles. Law No. 22 of 2009, Article 185 Paragraph (1) states that every person who drives a motorbike on a road that does not meet technical and roadworthy requirements, namely rear-view mirrors, horns, headlights, brake lights, direction lights, light-reflecting devices, speedometer, optimal depths, and appropriate exhaust engines, will be subjected to possible imprisonment.

Furthermore, the government has regulated motor vehicle noise thresholds as written in the Ministry of the Environment Regulation No. 56 of 2019, stating that motorbikes with a capacity of 80cc to 175cc should follow a maximum noise threshold limit of 80db. In addition, motorbikes with a capacity above 175cc should follow a maximum noise threshold limit of 83db.


Jika mereka jadi diam diam, aku juga akan jadi diam diam.

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