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Jokowi Orders Coronavirus Medicine

Jokowi on Coronavirus

Antiviral drugs for coronavirus have not yet been formulated, however, Jokowi had claimed to have ordered medicines that may help to cure COVID-19.

“Regarding antivirals, treatment has not yet been found, this what I referred to earlier as medicine. These drugs have been tried in one to three countries and given a cure,” said Jokowi.

The medicine includes Avigan, with 5,000 doses already ordered, “and in the process are 2 million,” he added. The other medicine is Chloroquine, and 3 million doses have been ordered.

The Chinese government claims the Japanese flu medicine, Favipiravir or Avigan, has been effectively used to treat coronavirus patients. In addition, US President Donald Trump stated that antimalarial drugs can be used to treat people infected with the coronavirus, known as chloroquine, according to AFP.

Source: CNN

Image: Tribun News

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