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Bali Island School’s Response to COVID-19

Bali Island School?s Response to Coronavirus

As coronavirus is swiftly spreading across Indonesia now, Bali Island School, one of the most established IB schools in Bali, has decided to move online to allow social distancing to occur as part of proactive and preventative measures.

The Health Committee made a recommendation to the BIS Board to close the school, based on a confirmed case in Bali and the WHO terming the coronavirus a pandemic. “We held parent sessions to inform them about our Distance Learning Programme in February. Our teachers have learned new applications, researched best practices, and our students practiced distance learning skills over the last month in classrooms. We were able to move to our Distance Learning Programme the next day.” said Mr Garth, the head of school.

Bali Island School has had a Distance Learning Programme for students aged 3 to 18 since 12th March.  In primary school, students access their learning via SeeSaw. Teachers have supplemented this learning with physical packets. Inside the packet, a student will find reading materials targeted to the student’s reading ability, maths worksheets, writing prompts, arts, science, and PE activities.

At the secondary level, all learning is through our Digital Learning Programme. Students have regular meetings with teachers and are able to ask questions and collaborate with their peers. Bali Island School has also put measures in place to address child protection issues. Our counsellor has also helped our teachers and students be mindful of screen time, outdoors time, and the need for all of us to achieve balance in these uncertain times.

As part of the efforts from BIS,  all community members are urged to stay home if they feel ill. Temperature readings will be taken for community members at the front gate every morning and we are also urging members to share their travel plans with the school.

“We’ve been communicating our plan since January and I believe this clear communication has led to a strong understanding of our proactive approach amongst our community,” said Mr Garth.

Bali Island School is planning to return to regular classroom method on 13th April and will continue to monitor the situation daily, whilst also keeping in touch with the Ministry of Education. Bali Island School follows advice from the Indonesian Government, the World Health Organisation, and the Centre for Disease Control and urges everyone in Indonesia to be vigilant of their own health, take great care to protect oneself and others, and to practice healthy habits.

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