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Sinar Mas Land and Candra Wijaya hold Badminton Scholarship Degree around BSD City

BSD City’s developer, Sinar Mas Land, doesn’t solely focus on infrastructure and city governance development, but also on human resources.

Sinar Mas Land wishes to build a community with the facilities provided in BSD City and surrounding areas. This year, Sinar Mas Land teamed up with senior badminton athlete and Olympic Men Doubles 2000 gold medallist and world champion 1997, Candra Wijaya, plus a community of journalists of JUSRAGA, to host an event called Sinar Mas Land Search For Champions 2019 (Sinar Mas Land Mencari Juara 2019) specifically for elementary school students, ages 8-11 years old.

This badminton talent search event will take place from 16th October – 16th November 2019. The first stop will be at Setu public elementary school in South Tangerang, Banten. Sinar Mas Land’s team of talented guides will visit several elementary schools in the four areas of BSD City, namely Cisauk, Pagedangan, Serpong, and Serpong Utara for roadshows on 16 – 31st October 2019.

Managing Director of Sinar Mas Land Dhony Rahajoe explained that this talent search is a part of ONE BSD, a friendly connection between health and peace. This programme is expected to build a family and increase solidarity around the BSD City area, giving children an opportunity to become a professional badminton player.

“Therefore, our competition is open for elementary school students from public and private schools. Together with Candra Wijaya, we will directly choose children who can and will join this badminton scholarship programme, and explore the hidden talents of children living around BSD City. Hopefully this becomes the basic capital for the children’s future. If this activity receives a positive response from the BSD City community, we will consider carrying out similar activities in other areas developed by Sinar Mas Land such as in Cibubur, Bekasi, and Karawang,” said Dhony.

This event aims to reach 1,200 children of ages 8-11 years old. Participants who qualify through the preliminary stage will be assessed by CWIBC’s team on the basics of playing badminton, with scoring criteria including physical abilities, comprehension, and technical skills. Ten winners will get the chance to get their hands on a prize of Rp163million prize money, as well as intensive badminton training and coaching for one year.

“Indonesia is not only rich in natural resources, but also in human resources. Achievements by young Indonesians, especially in the field of badminton, are also worth being recognised. This motivated me to nurture new, young athletes through the badminton training programme that I founded at Candra Wijaya International Badminton Centre (CWIBC). I also thank Sinar Mas Land for having a goal to create a badminton world champion that’s specifically originated from BSD City and the surrounding areas,” said Candra Wijaya.

As a free of charge programme, registration forms can be taken at the SML Search For Champions booth at The Breeze, BSD City, starting from 20th October – 10th November 2019 or through the link by Sunday 10th November 2019.

ONE BSD Program
In 2017, Sinar Mas Land launched a programme aimed at community development called SATU BSD or ONE BSD. This programme aims to improve the sense of community for citizens and explore the potential of BSD City. ONE BSD has three main pillars; business school, health, and peace, which is manifested in various forms of community development through ONE BSD’s programme called Unity in Diversity.

The business school supports the development of the community in the economic field. This pillar has some excellent programmes such as the people’s business school, education training, and coding scholarships in collaboration with Technopolitan and Forum Mosque of Mushola BSD (FMMB), as well as a workshop for MSME traders in BSD City’s Modern Market and Intermoda Modern Market.

Health emphasises the health of citizens of BSD City and surrounding areas such as the badminton talent search and the social service programme (BAKSOS) working across organisations which includes free general health and dental care for all residents living around BSD City area – in collaboration with Eka Tjipta Foundation, Yayasan Buddhist Tzu Chi, Eka Hospital, Muslim Sinar Mas Foundation, and Tangerang District Health Office.

Last but not least, the pillar of peace which features animated films made by young Indonesians at watch parties. During these movie showcases, hundreds of children from several schools gather to meet and share happy experiences with each other.

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