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HighScope Cup 8: Coming Back Stronger, Lifting Spirits Higher

HighScope Cup
HighScope Cup 8: Coming Back Stronger, Lifting Spirits Higher

HighScope Cup (HSCUP), an annual sports competition held by the high school and middle school student councils of Sekolah HighScope Indonesia TB. Simatupang is finally back.

Following a hiatus of over three years since the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s HSCUP has returned with renewed vigour. Taking place on the 14th, 16th, and 17th June 2023, the event was hosted at Sekolah HighScope Indonesia TB in Simatupang, South Jakarta.

Futsal Competition
Futsal Competition

This year’s HSCUP is the 8th annual HSCUP which means it has been more than eight years since this celebration of athleticism, sportsmanship and perseverance was created. HSCUP has been a benchmark for young athletes all around Jakarta to show their passion, capability and talent. As a highly-anticipated annual sports competition among schools in the Jakarta area, HSCUP features multiple sports competitions, which include: Futsal, Basketball, Swimming and Fencing.

Since the registration date was announced in April, earlier this year, the number of schools that registered was nothing short of extraordinary. With more than 30 schools and more than a hundred athletes participating, it marks a successful comeback for HSCUP.

HighScope Cup 8 was divided into three days with the following agenda:

  • Day 1 (14th June 2023): The opening ceremony and the kick-off matches for basketball and futsal
  • Day 2 (16th June 2023): The continuation of the matches for futsal and basketball
  • Day 3 (17th June 2023): The peak of the event, featuring all the final matches across all four sports competitions and also featuring the awarding and closing ceremony.
One of the HighScope Indonesia Talents, Silktonez

After the awarding ceremony, the closing ceremony showcased a variety of talents on the stage. From Sekolah HighScope Indonesia TB. Simatupang’s very own dance team the “Owls”, various bands of homegrown HighScope Indonesia talents: Silktonez, Madders, and FAWN’. Including a stellar performance from Asila Maisa who performed her latest single “Angkat Tangan.” Finally, Diskoria, the widely popular two-man group, brought the 3-day event to a close in high spirits. Congratulations to all the winners of HSCUP 2023

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