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Turkish Tourist Shot in Bali: Investigation into Suspected Foreign Perpetrator

Turkish Tourist Shot in Bali: Investigation into Suspected Foreign Perpetrator
Turkish Tourist Shot in Bali: Investigation into Suspected Foreign Perpetrator. Image Source:

A foreign national from Turkey with the initials TM was shot by the perpetrator, who was suspected to be a foreign citizen.

The attack and shooting occurred at a Palm House Villa located in Tumbak Bayuh Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, Bali, on Tuesday, 23rd January 2024. This incident is known to have occurred at around 1 AM this morning. The victim suffered five gunshot wounds and was rushed to the hospital.

“Currently, the team from the Directorate of General Criminal Investigation Bali and the Badung Police Chief are investigating the case and the victim is still being treated at the Trijata Polri Hospital, and later we will go deep into this. The victim’s condition is stable,” said the Head of Public Relations of Police Commissioner Jansen Avitus Panjaitan, at Badung Police Headquarters, on Tuesday, 23rd January 2024.

Meanwhile, at the crime scene, two bullet casings were found, and three bullets were still intact. Then, the firearm at the crime scene had not been found.

“We will investigate, including that the bullet casings have been secured and the projectiles. Later, we will be investigating who they are and what the motive is. The gun from the casings or projectile is 7.62 calibre. So the small gun and rifle have not been found, the projectiles are in three locations that are still intact and there are two casings,” he added.

He stated that the victim was a Turkish tourist who lived in the villa with his fellow Turkish friends, and the perpetrator was still being investigated.

The victim is a Turkish citizen, and his friends there are also Turkish citizens, but we are still investigating the perpetrator,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Badung Police Chief, AKBP Teguh Priyo Wasono, said that the victim suffered five gunshot wounds to his body.

“So there are five holes, one in the upper left arm is through, so it’s two holes. One hole is under the armpit, and there are two holes in the stomach, which is possible to get through the stomach too. More or less, the case happened at 1 AM early this morning,” he said.

Wasono said that at the crime scene, there were four victims in the group, and only the victim was shot. Then, when the incident occurred, the victim’s group was approached by three perpetrators who were suspected to be foreign nationals, and only one of the perpetrators was carrying a firearm.

“So there were four people in this group of victims. Then, only one person was shot. Based on the results of the crime scene analysis, it is estimated that there were three people and there were shots there,” he said.

“Based on the results of the examination of witnesses and CCTV footage, it is suspected that the perpetrator was a foreigner. When the victim was approached by the perpetrator, he was immediately shot. It can be seen on CCTV that one person (the perpetrator) was carrying a firearm for the other. The motive is still being investigated, and the perpetrators have not been found,” he continued.

Meanwhile, when asked whether, at the crime scene, there was an exchange of gunfire between the victim and the perpetrator. This matter is still being investigated. Then, the victim had a visa on arrival (VoA) and came to Bali in December 2023.

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