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Tom Tom Traffic Index: Traffic in Jakarta Sees Great Improvement since 2017

Traffic in Jakarta

Jakarta’s traffic has improved in the last two years, and has shown the biggest improvement last year according to the latest Tom Tom Traffic Index.

This year the organisation have also named Jakarta as the world’s seventh most congested city, down from the fourth place in 2017.

“Believe it or not, some cities’ traffic is decreasing over time! The TomTom Traffic Index is reporting that congestion levels are decreasing in Jakarta,” the index revealed in their Twitter account. In 2017, the average congestion level was found to be at 61 per cent. In 2018, it was found to have improved, decreasing to 53 per cent.

Contrary to popular belief, the improvement was recorded before the establishment of the MRT in March 2019. On their website, the TomTom Traffic index revealed that they had calculated their findings from anonymised GPS data, which were collected via navigation devices, in-dash systems, and smartphones.

Based on their studies of 403 cities in 56 different countries, the most congested city is Mumbai in India, with a rate of 65 per cent. Meanwhile, Bogota in Columbia comes in second with 63 per cent. Lima in Peru and New Delhi in India are both in joint third place with 58 per cent. In fourth place is Moscow in Russia, with 56 per cent.

Source: The Jakarta Post
Image: Bloomberg

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