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How to File Complaint on Vaccine Certificate Not Appearing

vaccine certificate

Currently, a COVID-19 vaccine certificate is very important and required when accessing public facilities and to be allowed to travel during the pandemic.

Vaccine certificates are available for those who have been jabbed. This certificate is given to those who have received the first dose of injection and is updated when the second dose is received

After getting the first vaccination, two SMS messages from 1199 will be sent; one containing the second vaccine appointment and the second with a link to the certificate.

The SMS contains the name of the vaccinated person, their NIK, and information on the time to attend for the second vaccine. After completing two doses of vaccine, participants will only receive an SMS message containing a link to their vaccination certificate.

What if you have already been vaccinated but the vaccine certificate has not yet appeared?

The Health Ministry, via the official Instagram account @kemenkes_ri, said that those who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine certificate but have already vaccinated can file a complaint via the e-mail address [email protected].

Convey the obstacles you face through the email, fill in according to the format in the following infographic,” wrote the Health Ministry.

The e-mail must contain the vaccinated person’s full name, NIK, date of birth, and mobile phone number. In addition, you will also be asked to attach a photo and a physical vaccination card you received.

In order to be processed immediately, you can directly submit your complete biodata and photos with ID cards to explain your complaint.

Spokesman for the Communication and Information Ministry Dedy Permadi explained the reason why some people did not receive the message containing a vaccine certificate link after receiving the second dose.

He said the first reason is a delay in issuing certificates because of the input sending queue on a single data system. There is also the possibility that people’s phone number data was not uploaded correctly so that SMS messages are not sent.

“The data on the phone number is empty or does not match the one used when registering at,” said Dedy.

Responding to the question of why some people could immediately receive an SMS containing a certificate link, while others did not, Dedy said that it was because the phone numbers were not the same, or there was a failure in sending SMS.

He went on the say that a detailed investigation needs to be carried out, namely checking whether the phone number in question matched the logs on the system.

In principle, Dedy explained that the issuance of vaccine certificates is automatically carried out by the system. All of this was done after the health facility staff entered information on the system.

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