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Governor: Balinese Arak Speeds Up COVID-19 Recovery

Governor: Balinese Arak Speeds Up COVID-19 Recovery

Wayan Koster, the governor of Bali governor, has claimed that traditional Balinese arak, liquor, can speed up the healing process and recovery for asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

Asymptomatic patients are individuals who have contracted the virus but do not show any clear symptoms.

“We have a new traditional healing method that is being used on positive patients. The infected patients who are quarantined are being treated using Balinese arak,” declared Koster during a press conference on Wednesday 22nd July.

According to Koster, Balinese arak is very effective in speeding up patients’ recovery. “After two days of testing positive, the patient received this treatment and on the third day, they tested negative.”

It is reported that 19 asymptomatic patients have received the treatment so far and 15 of them have since recovered from COVID-19. Koster has stated that it takes approximately 3 days for asymptomatic patients to recover after receiving the first treatment.

Koster has assigned people to investigate and research into the efficiency of the treatment. The concoction must be steamed for inhalation using a vaporiser.

The governor is positive that asymptomatic patients in Bali will recover sooner with the Balinese arak. There are currently around 400 asymptomatic patients in the province.

Bali reported an additional 78 positive cases of COVID 19 on Wednesday. As of the last report, there are 2,934 positive cases, 2,178 recovered patients, and 46 deaths in Bali from COVID-19.

Source: Coconuts Bali

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