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Police Investigate Palm Oil Companies for Kalimantan Fires

Forest fires

The national police are currently investigating three palm oil companies for the recent fire that has broken out in Kalimantan, Borneo island.

According to environmentalists, excessive deforestation has occurred to make way for plantations.

The Ministry of the Environment and Forestry is also investigating 24 other companies in Borneo and Sumatra island in relation to fires in the areas.

“Previously, we focused more on bringing suspects to civil courts and giving administrative sanctions. But with the forest fires still taking place in 2019, we are using criminal instruments more intensively,” an official from the ministry stated. The three companies’ initials are confirmed to be SKM, ABP and AER.

The clearing and burning of forests to make way for plantations often threatens wildlife species such as Orangutan. The Ministry had also sent warnings to 210 other companies in Indonesia.

Source: Channel News Asia
Image: BBC

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