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Emergency Hospital for Corona Busy Already

Wisma Athlete Hospital

The emergency hospital, Wisma Kemayoran Athletes, was already crowded with patients with COVID-19 on its first day of opening.

At least 30 patients were rushed to the hospital within an hour of the opening. The hospital is focussed on treating patients in severe condition only.

“People who test positive but show no symptoms of the disease can self-isolate. Those in a severe condition can be treated at [either] the athletes’ village or Pertamina Hospital,”

said Arya Sinulingga, an aide to State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir.

It was also confirmed by the director-general of disease control and prevention of the health ministry, Achmad Yurianto, that “Self-isolation by staying at home is enough. Not all people with the disease should depend on hospital services. People without symptoms should not depend on hospitals unless there is a comorbidity issue.”

“Nearly 80 per cent of cases that are confirmed suffer from mild to modern symptoms. Patients treated in this hospital are patients who cannot isolate themselves, these patient need intensive monitoring from a health team, such as those who have the disease accompanied by comorbidity,” he said.

According to Yurianto, there are 3 steps of quarantine according to UU number 6 year 2018 concerning Health Quarantine, one of which is independent quarantine, meant for people who have no serious symptoms.

The lack of medical personnel and facilities could be one of the reasons why the emergency hospital has put in place strict rules. So far, the hospital has already been visited by 102 patients and around 71 patients were subsequently hospitalised.

According to Arya, those who have serious symptoms can either go to Wisma Athlete or Pertamina Jaya Hospital.

According to Kumparan, as of Wednesday morning at 10.30 am, the number of patients reached 144: 86 men and 58 women.

Source: Jakarta Post, Kumparan, Dream

Image: Jakarta Post

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