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Holistic Christian Education at SPH: Educating the Mind, Transforming the Heart

Our world keeps changing from time to time. The “old-school” traditional method of education that focuses only on transferring content-based knowledge is obsolete compared to what our world needs nowadays. Of course knowledge is indispensable, but it is simply not enough. The world doesn’t need more graduates with perfect scores. The world needs more innovators and problem-solvers who are able to put their knowledge into action, think on their feet, and work collaboratively towards a better future.

Furthermore, from a Christian perspective, this world needs restoration and transformation. We have to admit that technological advancements do not always go hand in hand with good character. In this 21st century, we are witnessing more and more broken homes, suicides, mental disorders, social discrepancies, youth crimes, and profanities in our young generation’s lives. At the end of the day, what we urgently need is the transformation of our hearts, not merely our minds and skills.

For 25 years, Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) has been committed to educate young people not only with excellent academics, but also based on Christian values through a holistic approach. Beyond the traditional education, SPH is preparing students by enabling them to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. Our school’s mission is to engage in the redemptive restoration of all things through holistic education, thus we are training our students to realize how their personal calling can meet the need of the community around them.

This year, there are 205 students from SPH who graduated. They are going to continue their higher education at many reputable universities around the world: University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University, UCLA, University College London, University of Leeds, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Amsterdam, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Yonsei University and many others.

We are grateful to God for these great results, but more importantly, we are grateful that our students have found their calling and purpose in life. They have grown into better versions of themselves in all aspects throughout their learning journey at SPH. Here’s some of Class of 2018 graduates testimonies:

Patrick Kurnia (UCLA, Biochemistry)

Learning at SPH was a very holistic experience and I got to develop my social, emotional, and spiritual side alongside intellect. Just as in any aspect, spiritual development requires both mind and heart. We are trained through Biblical studies classes and weekly chapel. However, what develops that knowledge into action are the examples set by SPH’s teachers and staff, who constantly live out their faith and Godly character, inside and outside the classroom.

Janice Utomo (University of Pennsylvania, Business)

One of the best things about SPH is definitely the community. Teachers have truly showed their care for me, not only as an academic student but as everything about me as a person. I am continually challenged to find my purpose in life and think about how I can make a change. Now I am more interested in social entrepreneurship, how I can use my passion for business as a bridge to solve social problems in the world, particularly in Indonesia.

Raindy Lee (Bentley University, Finance)

At SPH I learned everything holistically, not just one outcome such as academically or spiritually but a whole sum of different things. Being here in SPH helps me to know what I can do to improve our community and be agents of change that will positively impact the people around us for the future and the generations to come.

Karina Sundjaja (Wheaton College, Psychology)

My time in SPH was very rewarding as it taught me how to manage my time and balance my life. SPH made sure that we did not neglect other important aspects such as extracurricular activities, community service and spiritual activities. During my final year at SPH, my counselors were also very helpful in my university decision.

Xamantha Tjakra (Boston University, Physical Therapy)

SPH has a very holistic approach on learning, and that helps me to explore many things and figure out what I want to do in life. My parents wanted me to take medical school, but I always love sports, so my school counselor showed me that there is a way to fit both what my parents wanted and what I wanted.

Hugo Leo (University of Pennsylvania, Economics)

SPH really taught us how to think and not only what to think, and that is really important. SPH doesn’t only focus on academics, but also on personal development in terms of character building through a lot of one-on-one times with our teachers. That helps us to develop ourselves to be a better human beings who are useful for the world.

We are once again very grateful for our graduates and we hope that SPH can continue to bless many young lives so that they can be a light and hope for the nation.


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