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Luis Daniel Garcia Invites You to the Artisanal Experience – The Orient

Luis Daniel Garcia, the GM of The Orient Hotel Jakarta, is excited to welcome you for an unforgettable stay at this newly-opened hotel.
Luis Daniel Garcia, the GM of The Orient Hotel Jakarta, is excited to welcome you for an unforgettable stay at this newly-opened hotel.

Luis Daniel Garcia, the general manager of The Orient Hotel Jakarta, is excited to welcome you for an unforgettable stay at this newly-opened hotel.

Situated in Sudirman, Central Jakarta, The Orient is an authentic, artistic, inspirational, and humbly luxurious spot to stay, dine and socialize.

Luis invites you to experience this truly one-of-a-kind hotel and its upcoming festivities worthy to spend the end of 2021.

Hi, Luis! We’d love to know more about your story.

I left Spain in 1999 to pursue an international career in the hospitality industry while at the same time, I was completing my Bachelor of Honours in Hotel Management. I worked in the USA and Europe, then in Southeast Asia; Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia for the past seven years. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in different divisions, including front office, food and beverage, and then more senior positions as the hotel manager and general manager.

I’ve been a frequent traveler to Jakarta for a long time and have been living in Southeast Asia for years. Adapting to my life in Jakarta was nonetheless very easy, however, you discover new things that the city can offer every day. It’s always a great idea to embrace the culture and get involved in all the aspects of Indonesians’ day-to-day life, discover the vast diversity of food, textiles, and ornamental products, as well as capture and memorize the common Bahasa Indonesia words that’ll help you daily.

As the general manager of The Orient Hotel Jakarta, can you tell us more about this newly-opened, vibrant hotel?

Our aim is to educate people about Indonesian culture through their experience at The Orient. It’s more than just staying in the hotel; we’re proud to be different and we incorporate artisanship in every detail as much as possible.

We’re a luxury boutique hotel where each room has its own uniqueness and perks, from the hand-painted door, batik headboards, carved cupboards, to our handwritten surprise in the room. We’re striving to give a personal touch as much as possible to push the boundaries from the conventional hospitality concept. Another thing we want to highlight is we are bringing a nostalgic feeling of a bygone era from the past when travel was still a luxury that not many could afford.

The Orient Hotel Jakarta

Based on the property’s concept, what are the differences found here compared with other hotels in the area?

I am confident to say that we are the most Indonesian hotel compared to others and the most artisanal. There’s no hotel in Jakarta that has this many art pieces and craftsmanship compared to us.

Is it challenging to realize the hotel’s concept in 2021?
The pandemic impacted the hospitality industry in a way that it wasn’t predicted, especially for such a long period of time. Now with the beginning of the recovery in our industry, I’m very sure that our hotel concept is going to receive a positive response from the market.

One of the major challenges was to get all the customized pieces for the hotel by working with creative artisans to be able to execute Bill Bensley’s concept and bring it to reality. This is the first time that he hasn’t been able to come and see his creation directly hence, all being supervised through many zoom calls.

The Orient Hotel, Jakarta

The interior of the hotel is heavily inspired by Javanese and Balinese cultures from the chosen furniture and artworks to the small details. Please describe it in three words.

Quirky, artisanal, and thoughtful.

List out a to-do list for guests to do at The Orient Hotel Jakarta.

Be curious. Each corner has stories to tell. Explore our hotel as a little kid does. This is the place to discover and learn more about Indonesia. Try all the food and drinks. Socialize as this is the melting pot for creative minds.

In your opinion, what makes The Orient Hotel Jakarta appealing?

On top of our strategic location, we have a strong creative design concept that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Orient Hotel, Jakarta

What has The Orient Hotel Jakarta prepared for this festive season?

We’re still aware that we need to continue to put everybody’s safety first. At the same time, we want our guests to enjoy what they missed last year; to bring joy, hope, and new aspirations. That said, we have the opportunity to do a bit more this year. Thus, there will be an array of offers from the hotel itself as well as Caspar this festive season.

Several special packages are in preparation, covering Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve combined with hotel accommodation. Guests will be able to enjoy, whether with family or friends. Reservations are welcome from 1-31st December 2021. The two special packages will only be available on the 24th-25th and 31st of December.

What will your festive season look like?

I made the most of the last year’s celebrations under the circumstances at the time, but it felt different. I’ll obviously be looking forward to celebrating; meeting friends again, sitting down, and having dinner together. I’m also excited by being part of this hotel, I can help to ensure a truly festive experience for our guests as well as everybody in Jakarta to come and have a wonderful time.

Luis Daniel Garcia, the general manager of The Orient Hotel Jakarta
Luis Daniel Garcia, the general manager of The Orient Hotel Jakarta

What’s next for The Orient Hotel Jakarta?

Our rooftop, Café California. It’ll be a destination rather than just a rooftop. Stay tuned for its completion and opening!

How can our readers reach you and The Orient Hotel Jakarta?

You can visit our website, email [email protected], call +62213970 7777, or WhatsApp +62878 7780 7777.

Thank you for your time, Luis. Stay safe and healthy!

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