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Nyepi 2022: Cellular Data Services, ATMs and IPTV Turning Off

Nyepi Bali
Quiet and Sacred: Nyepi

Cellular data services, ATMs, and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in Bali will be turned off during Nyepi Day in the Saka Year 1944, which falls on 3rd March 2022.

Head of the Communication, Information, and Statistics Agency of the Bali Provincial Government, Gede Pramana, said the service would be turned off for 24 hours starting Thursday 3rd March at 6am local time until Friday 4th March, 6am local time.

Just like in previous years, providers that serve cellular data and IPTV in the province of Bali and its surroundings will turn off cellular data and IPTV,” said Pramana in a written statement received by on Monday 28th February 2022.

Pramana said the policy to turn off cellular and IPTV data services is in line with the decree of the Communication and Information Minister no.2 of 2022 and the letter of appeal for the Bali Province Religious Harmony Forum in 2022.

In that circular, cellular data services on handphones will be turned off, but on vital objects and for other public purposes it will still run.

“These vital objects, such as hospital services, police offices, military, National Disaster Management Coordinating Board (BPBD), Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG), National Search And Rescue Agency Republic of Indonesia (Basarnas), airports, firefighters, and other similar services remain operational,” he said.

Prior to the termination, the government will disseminate information to the Balinese people through  SMS, so that people can make preparations.

Even though cellular and IPTV services will be turned off, telephone, SMS and fibre optic internet services can still be used during Nyepi. The aim is to make it easier for the community if during Nyepi Day they need to get the services they need.

In an effort to anticipate problems that might occur, Pramana has asked the Denpasar Class II Radio Frequency Spectrum Monitoring Centre to continue to carry out monitoring during the Nyepi Day.

I hope that all people in Bali understand and carry out the provisions set by the government so that this year’s Nyepi celebration can take place solemnly,” he concluded.

Furthermore, Bank Indonesia (BI) Bali Representative Head Trisno Nugroho explained that to respect the sacredness of Nyepi, the Bali Provincial BI Office and banks throughout the Bali Province will adjust operational service times. This means that it will not carry out operational activities on 2nd-4thMarch 2022 so banking cash withdrawals and deposits services, as well as the exchange of debit notes or bilyet giro, won’t be possible.

BI Bali will re-open services as usual on Monday 7th March. In addition, for cash withdrawals and other transaction activities using ATM machines, in general, and gradually on Wednesday 2nd March starting at noon local time will be disabled and not operational, and will resume normal operations starting Friday 4th March at 6am local time.

“Electronic or digital-based banking services such as mobile banking will continue to operate as usual as long as they are supported by means of communication networks or the internet,” he added.

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