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Indonesia’s Top Eco-Friendly Accommodations – Resorts

Indonesia’s Top Eco-Friendly Accommodations

A growing interest in environmental conservation and understanding its impact on tourism is noticeable, both by travellers and hoteliers.

This has resulted in the growing popularity of eco-friendly or green hotels and resorts in Indonesia.

This type of accommodation makes remarkable efforts to reduce environmental impacts throughout the premises and services. By giving their support, travellers experience and appreciate natural resources, the culture, and economy, and also minimise damage to Mother Nature.

While you’re planning your next vacation, why not relax, explore, learn, and help to conserve the environment all at the same time? Indonesia Expat provides you with the top eco-friendly accommodation options in Indonesia.


Telunas Resorts
Telunas Resorts

Telunas Resorts, located near Batam in the Riau Islands of Indonesia, are two overwater resorts that offer distinctive resort experiences. Both provide breathtaking views, private beaches, unique activities, and warm hospitality. Telunas’ commitment to the environment includes protecting endangered sea turtles, planting mangroves, and using solar power to offset 60 percent of fossil fuel consumption, and also extends into social programs such as teaching English in local villages and helping to build and empower the island’s schools. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a time to reconnect with your family or friends, or you just need to energise your soul, Telunas is for you.

Pulau Macan
Pulau Macan Eco Village & Resort 

During visits to Pulau Macan, one might catch a glimpse of spotted stingrays, turtles, eagles, and even dolphins. You could even spot a family of clownfish nestled amongst preserved coral by the island’s dock. Two hours north of Jakarta’s harbour, the 2.5-acre eco-resort includes two of the 120 islands that comprise the Thousand Islands of greater metropolitan Jakarta. Driven to be entirely sustainable, Macan is 100 percent powered by solar, adorned with driftwood art and design, and committed to coral conservation. Visitors sleep in open-air driftwood huts immediately facing the Java Sea, and, on clear days, one can see Sumatra’s outline on the horizon. Jakarta is often, sadly, described as a dizzying megalopolis, but Pulau Macan is a love letter to Jakarta – seeking to inspire her residents with nature, eco-tourism, and alternative ways of living, relevant in today’s “new normal”.

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Mana Earthly Paradise
Mana Earthly Paradise

Mana Earthly Paradise, or simply Mana, is a next-generation eco-hotel run by an NGO, Earth Company. Mana is progressively eco- and socio-conscious with its earthbag villas, probiotic restaurant, and conscious store. This eco-hotel believes that tourism does not need to negatively contribute to social and environmental issues. Through sustainable practices and innovative eco-technologies, Mana aims to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Mana aims to create a circular – “earthlier” – world. That is, a world driven by a positive, virtuous cycle in which the more it succeeds as a business, the more everything around us also flourishes – the environment, community, and economy.

The profits from Mana go to fund Earth Company’s work to support the changemakers across the Asia Pacific.

Bali Eco Stay
Bali Eco Stay

Accommodation in Bali takes many forms, ranging from homestays offering simplicity and authenticity to five-star resorts providing pure luxury and decadence.

Somewhere within these two extremes sits Bali Eco Stay, a mountain resort offering nourishment for all your senses within a natural setting of food forests, rice fields, and towering mountains reaching as far as the eye can see.

What distinguishes Bali Eco Stay from the rest is that it will not be found along the well-beaten tourist trails of Bali. Its remote location provides a unique opportunity for travellers seeking something different and off-the-beaten-track to experience another side of Bali – the Bali from 40 years ago with its untouched, pristine landscapes and charming villages steeped in profound local customs.

Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa
Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa 

Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP) is a hideaway nestled in a working coffee plantation located in Bali`s hill country. Here, Bali’s skies blend with the water of the infinity pools, the Bali sea, and the towering volcanoes in Java. With just a few villas and suites on 5 hectares, MMP is socially distanced by design and fully COVID-19 New Normal certified with a 100 percent score.

Green Globe certified, MMP practices sustainable agriculture; its premium coffees are all organic. Their Green team works with the local community which is also supported through the Munduk Foundation. Hikes and horse rides through the plantations and jungle are available as well.

Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga
Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga

Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga is a project combining a unique eco-friendly guesthouse, yoga retreat, and raw vegan restaurant in Canggu, Bali. Their philosophy is simple: “Grow mind and body, grow greener, all with Serenity”. Since 2007, they’ve focused on local, affordable solutions when tackling Bali’s biggest problem: pollution and unsustainable tourism.

This eco-guesthouse follows permaculture principles where the land is utilised to its maximum potential without destroying the land itself. Daily yoga classes, affordable yoga retreat packages, and Yoga Teacher Training courses throughout the year are all offered here. Serenity is a smoke and alcohol-free guesthouse.

Murex Bangka Dive Resort
Murex Bangka Dive Resort

Murex Bangka is situated on a white-sand beach on Bangka Island. Sustainability and conservation are at the heart of operations and as the pioneers of underwater exploration in North Sulawesi, this resort sees itself as guardians of the ocean. Murex’s founder, Dr Hans Batuna, was pivotal in promoting marine conservation in North Sulawesi and today, Murex Bangka aims to follow in Dr Batuna’s footsteps.

Their environmental commitments fall into the following categories:

  • Plastic reduction
  • Clean-ups and coastal river guardianship
  • Plastic recycling
  • Solar power
  • Coral reef awareness and regeneration – ocean gardening
  • Responsible marine tourism
  • Local community education and economic support

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Gili Asahan Eco Lodge
Gili Asahan Eco Lodge

Gili Asahan Eco Lodge, a little slice of heaven in South Lombok’s Gili archipelago, is the perfect place for nature lovers, sea enthusiasts, and foodies alike. The Eco Lodge is the perfect holiday destination for anyone seeking a tranquil place to step away from the stresses of daily life. Enjoy a sojourn just steps away from gardens of brightly coloured corals and fishes, submerged by clear waters, enclosed by soft white sand beaches, and nestled in lush tropical jungles.

All of the buildings’ designs and functions are inspired by love and respect for nature, using mainly sustainable and repurposed materials to create a simple, rustic, yet romantic atmosphere, bringing you closer to nature without renouncing creature comforts; simplicity doesn’t mean sacrifice.

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Misool Resort
Misool Resort

Misool Resort is a private island resort with a maximum capacity of 40 guests, located in the remote southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The resort is surrounded by hundreds of uninhabited islands and the 300,000-acre Misool Marine Reserve. Turtles glide in the shallow waters and you can watch baby sharks from your veranda.

Misool Resort works with its sister organisation, non-profit Misool Foundation, to protect the marine environment and manage conservation programs that study manta rays, plant corals, and reduce ocean-bound plastics.

Visitors enjoy transformative experiences in pristine nature while directly supporting Misool’s mission to protect the world’s richest reefs. Special offers for domestic tourists are currently available too.

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