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Bali Woman Charged with Embezzling 4 Billion Rupiah from Quiksilver Store

A former store manager in Bali has been charged with embezzlement of over Rp.4 billion following a failed attempt to sue her Australian employers for alleged unfair dismissal.

The Bali district court has charged Ms. Nino Ayu Sulistiati with stealing the money between 2011 and 2014 whilst working as the manager of a Quiksilver store in Seminyak owned by Australian investors.

After being dismissed from her position as manager because of the theft, Ms. Sulistiati attempted to sue the Quiksilver owners for her claim of unfair dismissal and loss of future earnings due to her damaged reputation. The court ruled in favour of the Quiksilver owners due to insufficient evidence provided by Ms. Sulistiati’s legal team.

The Quiksilver owners then commenced civil proceedings in 2014 against Ms. Sulistiati to endeavour to recover the embezzled funds. The court found Ms Sulistiati guilty of embezzling in excess of Rp.4 billion. There has been no repayment of the embezzled funds to date.

Running concurrently to the civil proceedings was the criminal case, which has only recently been brought before the district court following Ms. Sulistati’s arrest on November 14, 2017. The case continues in the Bali District Court in January 2018 where the victims of Ms. Sulistiati’s alleged crimes will testify before the court.

If she is found guilty on these charges, Ms. Sulistiati will face a maximum sentence of six years’ imprisonment. As overseas investment is crucial for Bali’s development and in turn its economy and local employment, the outcome of this case will be of great interest to foreign investors within the Balinese business community.

source The Court Reporter

photo by Vice 

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