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Domestic Travel: No PCR and Antigen Test Requirements

domestic travel
Domestic Travel: No PCR and Antigen Test Requirements

All domestic travellers now no longer need to have evidence of PCR or antigen test results to travel domestically.

They must only show proof of  COVID-19 vaccinations.

The latest travel rules are contained in the circular of the COVID-19 Task Force number 24 of 2022 concerning travel provisions for domestic travellers during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective on 25th August 2022.

According to the spokesman for the COVID-19 Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, the abolition of the PCR and antigen test requirements was aimed at facilitating community activities. This means internal travel can be carried out easily. 

Although there will be a waiver of mandatory testing, the government is committed through the Health Ministry to continue to carry out active surveillance carried out in various regional Health Service networks,” explained Adisasmito at the COVID-19 Media Centre at Graha BNPB, Jakarta on Friday 26th August.

Adisasmito continued explaining the updated domestic travel rules as the following:

“The first is that people are allowed to travel domestically, without mandatory testing if they have carried out a booster vaccination for ages 18 years and above and have received a second or complete dose of vaccine for those aged 6 to 17 years. 

“Secondly, people who still have not fulfilled their vaccination status are allowed to postpone domestic travel and immediately look for the nearest vaccination centre to be able to go on domestic trips again.

“Furthermore, the third adjustment, people with special health conditions who cannot receive vaccinations, are allowed to travel on condition that they must attach a certificate of not being vaccinated and without mandatory testing.

“Fourthly, travellers coming from abroad, both foreigners and Indonesian citizens aged over 18 years and children aged 6 to 17 years, intending to travel domestically and have not received the first or second dose of vaccination, are excluded from the obligation to booster vaccination and testing,” explained Wiku.

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