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Things to Know If You Want to Start Driving for Lyft or Uber

Things to Know If You Want to Start Driving for Lyft or Uber

Different types of jobs have their advantages and disadvantages. Many people find it extremely difficult to get a post that meets all their requirements.

After all, everybody would love to have a well-paid job, with flexible working hours, which on top of that, is not repetitive, and allows you to meet a lot of new people. Good luck finding it, though. It’s not easy!

However, since 2009 it has become possible and within your reach thanks to Uber. It is the biggest company of such a kind, but nowadays there are alternatives as well – for example, Lyft, Gett or Easy Taxi. But, earning with Uber is the easiest. Unfortunately, it’s not a job for everyone. In this article, you will learn more about the things that you have to know if you want to start driving for Uber, Lyft, or other similar companies. Check them out!

It pays off to drive for more than one platform

They say that being sneaky is a bad thing. However, it’s profitable. So, if you’re thinking of working as a driver, it is worth to work not only for Uber but also for Lyft or competitors. Oftentimes you will notice that one platform offers a noticeably better rate. In the long run, such differences add up to a significant amount of money. Actually, Uber competitors have become more driver-friendly than Uber itself, and many people who work in this industry noticed it. So, don’t feel bad about working for more than one platform. You’ll be able to earn more money!

Find out what are the peak hours in your city

All the platforms raise the price during the rush hours. Late at night and early in the morning when public transportation is not an option are the best times for Uber drivers. Also, whenever there is any concert, festival, sports event, or anything that attracts thousands of people, it’s worth working then. Not only the rate is better, but you can be sure that somebody will use your service. That’s why it’s good to always be ready when a mass event takes place in your city.

It’s not super lucrative

Companies from this industry will try to tempt you with big money, but sadly, it doesn’t work that way. Of course, some drivers can make a living only from Uber. But, they drive every day and make good use of peak hours too. If you know that you won’t be able to drive at least 8 hours per day, it’s better to consider it as a supplementary job.

You will be rated

Never forget that you will be working with people all the time. So, if you’re not a social butterfly, and you find it difficult to talk to people, think twice before you take this job. Every customer has the possibility to give you a rating. Grumpy and uncommunicative drivers tend to be poorly judged. Of course, it’s not good if you are trying to be too friendly either. Many people find it annoying and disturbing if you decide to keep the conversation going when they clearly don’t want it. What is in your best interest is to get as good ratings as possible. There’s a lot of people who travel only with those who have perfect scores. So, if you have them, you’ll earn more, and that’s what it’s all about!

The disadvantages

Many love the freedom and flexibility that Uber offers, but we won’t lie – working as a driver is not easy money. Only those who have been driving for eight hours straight know the sensation of relief when you are finally able to stand up. Also, during the summer months, it’s not a very tempting perspective to spend a lot of time inside the car. You’re not afraid of it because you have air conditioning? Good for you, but make sure to always have painkillers at hand, because you are very likely to suffer from headaches.

And, when it comes to the customers, it’s not easy as well. When you just started working, it’s not really challenging to talk to people and laugh together with them. But after an exhausting day, you might have a customer who asks a lot of questions and is extremely annoying. You can’t lose your temper and have to be nice all the time. Otherwise, they will be able to give you a negative rating. And if you have many poor ratings, you might even lose a job. Contrary to popular belief driving for Uber has disadvantages too, and now you’re more aware of them.

Hopefully, this knowledge will help you become a fantastic Uber driver. Overall, driving for Uber is a fantastic type of job for those who want to experience something new, get more freedom, and spend a lot of time with people.

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