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Dozen Women Targeted in Bogor Anti-LGBT Raid


A dozen women have been arrested in an anti-LGBT raid on a Bogor home Friday night, Sept. 1, after police received a tip-off the women are engaged in same-sex relationships.

The raid on the rented home, in Kampung Benteng, Cigombong, began around 9 p.m. and included a joint task force including officers from the Cijeruk Police, local Satpol PP officers and community members.

Local media reports of the raid included extensive coverage of the women’s appearances, particularly the masculine haircuts of six of the women.

Satpol PP Cigombong District Head Sumantrai told Jawa Pos the women resembled men.

Unlike in neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia, homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia but it is still strongly rejected from conservative elements in the community.

An ongoing war on Indonesia’s LGBT community, including a series of raids on known hang-out spots and assaults, typically focuses on LGBT identifying men, making this case particularly rare.

Investigations into the case continue.


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