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Boy Pranks Depok Residents, Pretends to be a ‘Tuyul’; Caught by the Police

A 13-year-old boy trying to prank local residents

The Depok police have caught a 13-year-old boy trying to prank local residents in Beji by pretending to be a Tuyul, or a mischievous, child-like spirit.

The boy, identified as A, claimed that he had planned to record a video and upload it on his YouTube channel.

A was caught in Beji, Depok at 2am today by the Jaguar Team – a special unit dedicated to combatting street crime. He was seen filming with a group of friends, wearing only short pants with his body covered in white powder.

“At first, A and three or four of friends were at the scene. His friends were 50 metres away from A, shooting him for a video,” said Jaguar Team chief First Inspector Winam Agus.

As the police approached him, the boy tried to run away. However, his white body made him noticeable. He finally confessed that he had wanted to make a video with his friends. Winam warned the boy to stop filming as the scene had created chaos. Many residents left their houses to check what was happening.

Source: The Jakarta Post
Image: The Jakarta Post

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