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Man Spreading Hoax News about Jokowi and KPU Arrested

level a1 hoax
The Health Ministry has clarified that Indonesia is included in the category of high-risk countries, or level A1

Wahyu Nugroho, the man who allegedly spread rumours and hoaxes about the KPU’s server being rigged to favour the incumbent Joko Widodo, was arrested yesterday in Boyolali, Central Java.

He had reportedly been missing from his hometown before the elections began.

According to the neighbourhood chief Indaryanto, Wahyu had not been seen in the neighbourhood of his hometown of Nusukan, Solo, since before the elections. None of the neighbours knew that he was being hunted by the police until he was arrested yesterday.

Wahyu is thought to be a computer expert as well as a lecturer. However, many aren’t sure about the university he is affiliated with.

Prior to the April 17 election, Wahyu had posted an online video claiming that the KPU’s server was rigged to ensure that Jokowi wins 57% of votes. He also claimed that the KPU’s server is in Singapore.

Wahyu has since admitted that the video was not based on facts and calculations. The police stated that he had created the video on purpose, so that he would be recruited as an IT expert by Prabowo and Sandiaga’s campaign team.

Source: Kompas
Image: Tempo

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