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Bali Floods, Foreigners Evacuated with Inflatable Boats?

Bali floods
Bali Floods, Foreigners Evacuated with Inflatable Boats. Photo Basarnas Bali

Heavy rains that flushed parts of Bali caused flooding at several points in the Denpasar and Badung districts of the island on the morning of Saturday 8th October 2022.

The Denpasar Search and Rescue Office evacuated dozens of residents, several of whom were foreign tourists. Head of the team Officer Gede Darmada said his team evacuated them from Jalan Pulau Demak, Denpasar City and Jalan Nakula, Seminyak. 

Two teams were dispatched to the locations and immediately carried out the evacuation process with other SAR elements,” said Darmada

Bali flooding
Bali floods. photo Twitter.

At around 6:50am WITA, the SAR team managed to evacuate 19 people from Jalan Pulau Demak Gang III. Furthermore, they went on to evacuate 10 residents from Jalan Pulau Demak, Denpasar City. 

The joint SAR team managed to evacuate 27 adults, including nine Indonesian citizens and 18 foreigners as well as six toddlers, comprising one Indonesian citizen, and five foreigners.

All of the Bali flood victims who were evacuated are safe and in good condition and the flood has begun to recede,added Darmada.

Flooding hit a number of areas in Indonesia. A few days ago, floods inundated dozens of villages in North Aceh and several areas in Banyumas, East Java.

Jakarta has not been spared from the flooding. Puddles of water more than 50 cm high appeared on several roads. Traffic was completely paralysed for several hours.

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