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Voting in Indonesia Underway with Strict Health Protocols  

Voting in Indonesia Underway with Strict Health Protocols  

The voting process for regional head elections in 309 districts and cities in Indonesia is taking place today, Wednesday 9th December. Voting commenced at 7am WIB.

Voters arriving at polling stations are wearing masks and being directed by election staff upon arrival to wash their hands at the facilities provided. Next, voters’ temperatures are checked and disposable plastic gloves were given to people before voting.

In Bali, voters are facing these protocols and are also required to implement social distancing while voting.

Observations at the voting stations in Medan Selayang showed that health protocols are being applied consistently and regulations are being implemented throughout provinces in Indonesia.

In Medan, voters are also required to wear masks, wash their hands, use disposable gloves, and have their temperatures checked. If body temperatures exceed 37.3?C, residents are asked to enter the TPS area and wait for further investigation.

After voters cast their ballot, they are asked to dispose of their gloves, put ink on one of their fingers, and leave the polling centre.

One of the voters, names Muhammad Ikhwansyah, noted that the implementation of health protocol at the polling station he attended was good.

“There’s hand sanitizer, officers are prepared with masks and face shields. They also provided gloves and so on. I think they might have increased the number of polls to avoid crowd gathering too,” he said.

Source: Detik News and Liputan6

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