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Updated Domestic Travel Requirements for PPKM

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Flight to Bali

During the extended PPKM levels 2-4 in Java and Bali until 13th September, new regulations for domestic travel have been announced by the government across the two islands.

Contained in the instruction from the Home Affairs Minister number 39 of 2021, all travellers are required to show a vaccine card.

Show the vaccine card (at least the first dose of vaccination),” states the regulation.

For travellers who use airplanes, they are required to show a negative PCR result with a sample taken a maximum of two days or 48 hours before departure. Meanwhile, private cars, motorbikes, buses, trains, and ships are required to show a negative antigen result with samples taken 24 hours prior to travelling.

This provision only applies to arrivals from outside Java and Bali or departures from Java and Bali to outside these regions and does not apply to transportation within agglomeration areas such as the Greater Jakarta area.

As for travel by plane between cities or districts within Java and Bali, travellers can show negative antigen results with the sample taken 24 hours prior to departure, provided that the second dose of vaccination has been obtained.

However, if the traveller has just received the first dose of vaccine, the traveller must show a negative PCR result with the sample taken 48 hours before.

For drivers of logistics vehicles and other goods transportation, they are exempt from the provision of having a vaccine card,” adds the regulation.

Similar travel rules also apply to areas that apply PPKM levels 3-4 outside Java and Bali, which is valid for 14 days between 7-20th  September.

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