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Two Tourists Saved from Mount Agung Climb Attempt

Two Tourists Saved from Mount Agung Climb Attempt

Two foreign tourists, Trina Nguyen, 38, and Lucifer Everylove, 37, were found exhausted and trapped in the forest of Mount Agung, Bali on Wednesday 14th October at around 4:30am Central Indonesian Time (WITA).

The two foreign tourists from America were found by I Ketut Suparta, 16, while looking for food for his animals. He invited them to his house three kilometres away, where they were given food and a chance to rest.

It’s suspected that the two tourists had fallen and slipped, based on the abrasions on both legs. After the two foreigners were given adequate food and time, their condition began to recover and they were reported to the Kubu Police.

Head of Kubu Police, AKP I Nengah Sona, along with five other police officers, visited the pair of hikers at I Ketut Suparta’s house. He said the two visitors were in good health, so they were escorted to the Karangasem Police Headquarters and eventually to their hotel in Sanur.

When asked for information, the two tourists, who spoke Indonesian, explained that they had taken a tour around Bali. Both of them had planned to climb Mount Agung.

They headed for Banjar Cegi, Desa Ban, District Kubu on Sunday 11th October at around 10am. From Banjar Cegi, they started climbing on the afternoon of Tuesday 13th October but became exhausted while returning from climbing the volcano.

“According to the provisions of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources regarding PVMBG (Volcanology Centre for Geological Disaster Mitigation), the ban on climbing Mount Agung is still in effect,” advised  AKP I Nengah Sona.

Coordinator of the Karangasem Search and Relief Post, I Gusti Ngurah Eka, noted that he had no reports regarding the two climbers. Likewise, the Chief Executive of Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Ida Ketut Arimbawa observed that he hadn’t received any reports regarding the foreign tourists being exhausted in the forests of Mount Agung.

Source: Nusa Bali

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