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Sex Party to Create Mixed Babies in Indonesia

Sex Party to Create Mixed Babies in Indonesia

The story of an expatriate who claims to live in Indonesia has made a scene on social media. He admitted that he had received an invitation to a sex party held by Indonesian women who wanted to have mixed-race children.

The story has been shared by foreigners living in Indonesia on Facebook which has since been re-uploaded to the Twitter account @Areajulid. It is said that the man received an invitation to a sex party called “Breeding Event” from his colleague, with the aim of impregnating Indonesian women.

“I am a white male, 28 years old from Europe, and have lived in Jakarta for almost two years. Several months ago, I was invited by an acquaintance who needed participants for a ‘breeding event’,”

wrote the man, quoted from the Instagram account @tante_rempong_offficial.

Upon receiving the invitation, the migrant didn’t understand at first, but his colleague then described it as “an event held by several Indonesian women from the upper class who want to have foreign children but don’t want to marry an expatriate.”

Some of the women are married but don’t wish to divorce their husbands. Instead, they use foreign men living in Indonesia to have the children they want. The hired men must meet certain criteria. Primarily, he must be white, tall, handsome, smart, and usually a businessman.

The women are willing to have sex with many foreigners until they fall pregnant. Women who eventually conceive will stop attending the parties, however, those who don’t get pregnant will participate in future events until they’re expecting.

Hearing this, the man confessed he was immediately shocked and refused the invite because he already has a girlfriend. He also doesn’t wish to have children with women he doesn’t know.

The location and time of this sex party was not disclosed in detail.

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