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Rules during Nyepi Day 2023 in Bali

Nyepi Day Celebration and rules
Rules during Nyepi Day 2023 in Bali

Bali is one of the Indonesian provinces with a majority Hindu population.

The Provincial Government of Bali has therefore implemented a number of Nyepi celebration rules in Bali.

According to the SKB 3 Ministers (Joint Ministerial Decree) concerning national holidays and joint leave in 2023, Nyepi Day 2023 falls on Wednesday, 22nd March 2023 and is followed by a joint leave day on Thursday 23rd March, 2023.

The Bali government has issued a circular regarding the implementation of the Nyepi holy day in caka year 1945. As reported by the website of the Ministry of Religion of Bali, here are the rules for Nyepi 2023 in Bali:

  1. Hindus will carry out a series of Nyepi celebrations in caka year 1945 including Melis, Tawur/Caru, Pengupukan, Sipeng (Catur Brata Penyepian), and Ngembak Geni, according to Indonesian Hindu Dharma Society guidelines.
  2. All types of transportation service providers are not allowed to operate during Nyepi Day on Wednesday, 22nd March 2023, starting at 6am until Thursday, 23rd March 2023 at 6am.
  3. Radio and television broadcasting agencies are not allowed to broadcast during Nyepi Day during the same time period.
  4. Cellular and IPTV service providers are required to turn off cellular/internet data during Nyepi Day during this period.
  5. The public is not allowed to set off fireworks, use loudspeakers, make sounds, use lighting, and do any other activities which can disturb the sanctity of Nyepi Day and endanger public order.
  6. Accommodation services and entertainment providers in Bali are not allowed to promote their business with the branding of the Holy Day of Silence.
  7. Since the first day of Ramadan 1444 H coincides with Nyepi Day on 22nd March 2023, then Hindus can carry out Catur Brata Penyepian solemnly as usual and Muslims can do Tarawih prayers at their respective homes or go to the nearest mosque on foot. They are not allowed to use loudspeakers and can only use limited lighting.
  8. Traditional village officials and pecalang (traditional security officers) are responsible for securing Nyepi Day in their respective areas, in coordination with the relevant security forces.
  9. Religious assemblies and social religious institutions as well as related agencies should socialise the announcement to all religious communities in Bali.
  10. Health protocols are required during each religious community’s activity.

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