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Benny Wenda not Allowed to Enter UN Assembly Hall

UN Assembly Hall

Former chairman of the Papua Independent Movement or OPM, Nick Messet, stated that he has made sure that the United Nations did not grant Benny Wenda permission to enter the UN General Assembly hall.

Wenda had planned to join the assembly as a delegate from Vanuatu, but the request was declined by the UN since he is not a citizen of Vanuatu.

“It is not true that Benny Wenda has joined the UN General Assembly as a member of Vanuatu’s delegation because the UN only allows state representatives to enter the UN General Assembly in New York,” Nick Meset explained. He asserted that the UN applies very strict rules, and that only citizens could represent their countries as official delegations at the UN General Assembly.

Nick Messet, along with Maikel Manufandu, represented Indonesia at the assembly. While Messet currently serves as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Nauru in Jakarta, he is still unable to represent Nauru as he is an Indonesian citizen. Therefore, the United Nations General Assembly has put Messet under the Indonesian delegation.

Messet maintained that the issue of Papua’s referendum were not discussed at the assembly. Any news about Papua at the meeting is simply hoax. Therefore, community members must be more careful to discern issues brought by Benny Wenda and his group. He further claimed that the riots which occurred in Papua and West Papua had been caused by Benny Wenda’s provocation.

“What is said that the problem of Papua will be discussed at the UN is out-of-date. He and his colleagues had done it years ago,” Messet said. He urges the public to filter information and not be tempted into provocation.

“Let us, together, create a sense of security so that the development can be continued in Papua until the people of Papua can really prosper,” Nick Messet added.

Source: Antara
Image: UN

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