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Rejection Rate of Indonesian Schengen Visa Applications Increases

The rate of Schengen visa rejections for Indonesia in 2017 has increased, according to the statistics revealed by the European Commission.

The rejection rate is 1.4 percent, with 2,760 applications rejected out of 199,353. This is an increase compared to 2016’s rate of 1.1 percent.

Ivan Ronaldo from BebasVisa told Antara on Thursday, April 26, “With this increase, we hope it does not affect the Foreign Ministry’s negotiations on a visa waiver for short visits to Schengen member states in Europe for Indonesian citizens.”

He went on to say that the visas counted in the statistics were “uniform visas”, which were types A and C. The type A Schengen visa is for transit needs, while type C is used for short visits, such as traveling and family visits.

Other than Schengen visas, the European Commission also revealed the statistics for Bulgarian, Croatian and Romanian visa applications in Indonesia. The rejection rate for Bulgaria was 0 percent, 1.2 percent for Croatia and 5.8 percent for Romania.

Source: Jakarta Post

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