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Telunas Private Island – An Alternative to Bali?

Telunas Private Island
Telunas Private Island

We love Bali…who doesn’t? But recently Expats in Indonesia are discovering Telunas Private Island as an alternative to Bali.

At Telunas Private Island you’ll stay in an overwater villa. There is nothing quite like that in Bali. The resort guarantees no traffic jams. . . because there are no roads or cars on the island.

Telunas Private Island comes with perks like a cobalt infinity pool, a swoon-worthy overwater spa, a bar mixing up craft cocktails, and included activities and grand meals.

There’s no wifi, and guests are invited and encouraged to use their time unplugged to reconnect to each other, to get to know their fellow guests and the lovely local staff, and to immerse themselves in the stunning private island they’re stranded on.

Inside, villas have a separate living room, bedroom, and bathroom, as well as a loft with two beds for kiddos. A spacious balcony has a double chaise lounge — a favorite spot to relax.

The master bedroom offers a king-size bed facing the sunrise. You’ll love when that first bit of light peeks through in the morning. It’s time to grab the comforter off the bed and step out to the balcony and watch the day begin from your double chaise lounge, snuggled under a comforter with a mug of coffee or tea in hand.

With only 15 overwater villas on the private island, there are never crowds. And the resort has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor!

Ten years ago, a resort-like this would be proud to offer cable and wifi. But these days, it’s a bigger draw that they don’t have either.

If you are looking for a unique getaway, visit Telunas Private Island.

The Spa at Telunas
The Spa at Telunas

Limited Time Offer for Expat Indonesia  ­‑ The Spa at Telunas

Relax and rejuvenate in the Telunas Overwater Spa (for Telunas Private Island Guests exclusively), the perfect place to decompress and unwind.  Choose from our Signature Telunas Massage, or enjoy a Balinese, Fusion or Aromatherapy massage. Our spa specialists will tailor your time with us to create the perfect relaxation retreat.

There is a limited-time offer for two complimentary massages available for Expat Indonesia readers. Visit for all the details.

You MUST get a massage. You cannot visit and not book one. It was the most insane experience because it’s overwater. The sunsets are amazing so you might want to plan to finish your massage right as the sun is going down.”

-Rachel Jones, Hippie in Heels

Getting to Bali Compared to Getting to Telunas

According to Skyscanner the average flight time from Jakarta to Bali is about the same as from Jakarta to Batam.

In Bali, to get to your destination there is one more step, a taxi ride to your hotel, which depending on traffic could be 30 minutes (Seminyak) to 1 ½ hour to Ubud.

For Telunas Private Island, from the Batam airport, you take a short taxi ride to the local ferry terminal and there your fun begins. No taxis to Telunas Private Island. Hop on the Telunas private Malay boat and feel the wind in your hair as it winds through the scenic islands for about 90 minutes.

Impacting Indonesia for a Better Tomorrow

Telunas Resorts develops boutique resorts in remote locations to provide incredible experiences for our Guests and job opportunities for the local community.  Currently, Telunas has two overwater resorts; Telunas Private Island and Telunas Beach Resort. Telunas Resorts is committed to bringing sustainable positive impact to co-workers, surrounding communities, ecosystems and the local economy.

So if you are looking for a fabulous resort that cares for its community, environment and its Guests in a beautiful way, try Telunas Private Island as an alternative to Bali.

Visit our website to find out more
Telunas Private Island
Telunas Private Island

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