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Missing Lawmaker Shows Up in Hospital Again After Car Accident

Setya Novanto, the missing lawmaker wanted by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), has been found on a hospital bed yet again – this time claiming that he had been in a car accident.

The parliamentary speaker, who is being pursued by the KPK for his alleged involvement in a high-profile electronic ID card corruption case, has been summoned for questioning but has repeatedly failed to turn up.

Responding to some of his earlier summonses, Setya’s representatives said he had been treated in hospital for a mysterious illness, showing pictures of the politician on a hospital bed.

Last night, KPK investigators, who had lost track of Setya’s whereabouts, took a bold step by going directly to his home in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, to bring him in by force. However, Setya was nowhere to be found.

The KPK later received information from Setya’s representatives saying that their client has been rushed to hospital after the car he was in had crashed against a power pole, leaving the car severely damaged and Setya injured. Setya, his representatives claimed, was on his way to the KPK building when the accident occurred.

The KPK has named Setya a suspect in the e-ID scandal in which he and a few other politicians were alleged to have stolen the money that was set aside for the scheme. Setya, who is also the chairman of the Golkar Party, is an important political ally of President Joko Widodo.


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