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Mask Inspections Turns Into Booster Vaccine Inspections in Denpasar

booster vaccine Bali
booster vaccine Bali. photo polda bali

Denpasar deputy mayor I Kadek Agus Arya Wibawa has welcomed President Joko Widodo’s statement regarding the policy that allows the public not to use masks when they are outside.  

Wibawa stated that there will be a change in the pattern of inspections from a focus on masks to  booster vaccines inspections.

“I have coordinated and directed the Public Order Enforcers Police and COVID-19 Officer Unit of Denpasar. The direction is to change the inspection pattern from mask inspection to booster vaccine inspection. Now this will be in accordance with the President’s statement and we will protect the public by ensuring they have received the vaccine,” he said.

It is also believed that this new policy will support the tourism sector and economic growth in Bali.

“Bali is a tourism area where guests tend to want to be free. I see that the policy to turn the pandemic into an endemic has been neatly arranged. This is what must be done immediately, so that it will provide change, especially for Bali,” said Wibawa.

According to him, the active cases of COVID-19 in Bali, especially Denpasar, have been controlled very well. On Monday 16th May 2022, Denpasar experienced zero cases. The percentage of people who have been vaccinated is also quite high, reaching up to 88 percent.

To support the vaccine inspection policy that will be implemented, he will also provide 33 booster vaccine service points in Denpasar City. This is targeted to help the city to achieve 100 percent of the population being vaccinated with the booster shot.

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