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Commemorating Indonesian Heritage Society’s Annual Welcome Event – Selamat Datang 2023 at Erasmus Huis Jakarta

Indonesian Heritage Society
Commemorating Indonesian Heritage Society?s Annual Welcome Event - Selamat Datang 2023 at Erasmus Huis Jakarta

The Indonesian Heritage Society (IHS) announces its Annual Welcome Event – Selamat Datang 2023.

With the long-standing relationship and collaboration with Erasmus Huis, it is an honour for the Indonesian Heritage Society this year to arrange Selamat Datang 2023. The event will take place at the Erasmus Huis on 13th September 2023 from 9 am until 12 pm and will be free to the public.

The Indonesian Heritage Society (IHS) is a non-profit foundation that has been established for 53 years. The objective of this foundation is to promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the heritage and cultural richness of Indonesia by gathering diverse communities for learning and participating in shared activities. Furthermore, IHS collaborates with several educational and cultural institutions in Jakarta and other cities.

Selamat Datang is an opportunity for the public to learn more about IHS and the activities offered to introduce the archipelago’s cultural heritage. During the event, participants may explore our numerous activities by becoming Friends of IHS and select them based on their areas of interest.

Through this event, participants will be able to contribute to various IHS events and activities and play an active role in discovering Indonesia’s heritage.

IHS hopes that this event can increase interest in becoming a part of IHS and contributing to IHS as a place to preserve and explore Indonesian heritage and culture.

Contact Person:

Simran Ishwar, the VP of Communication of the Indonesian Heritage Society

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