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Magelang Man’s Rice Cooker Woes

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Probably the most valuable and yet underrated piece of kitchen equipment in Indonesia is the rice cooker. Having perfectly cooked rice on hand in just 20 or so minutes, ready to serve with your favourite dishes, is truly magical.

Whilst we can all appreciate the utility of the rice cooker, one man from Magelang took his love of nasi putih one step further.

When they first met, he thought she was the ricest cooker he’d ever met – the carnal side of the relationship was hot and steamy, with plenty of pilau talk.

Khoirul Anam decided to cement his passion for his rice cooker in a wedding ceremony on 20th September. Declaring his love for this basic white good, he posted, “without you my rice is not cooked”. Who said romance is dead?

“White, white, loving, obedient. I don’t have much to say, I’m good at cooking ideas. Warm again,” he wrote in a post accompanied by images of him in traditional Javanese wedding attire.

One image shows him bowing down to kiss his new bride whilst others show him completing the necessary paperwork to make his nuptials official.

However, all did not go to plan in the state of ricely matrimony. Just a few days later, on 24th September Koirul posted another update, deciding he needed to wok away and announce his divorce from his favourite kitchen implement.

“My decision is round, heavy indeed. But this is the way I take, no perfect partner,” is how this artist announced the abrupt end of his honeymoon period.

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The Magelang native has hit international headlines with his unusual devotion to his Phillips-branded rice cooker. It seems the relationship lasted a long time, with evidence of the loving use of the cooker clear in the images he posted.

He seems to have got over the romantic tragedy rather quickly, with a Facebook post on 5th October stating “At least it can be entertaining”.

Some say the relationship was threshed out on a bed of lies, but there isn’t a grain of truth to such a rumour.

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