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Latest Way to Detect COVID-19

Latest Way to Detect COVID-19

The Ministry of Health in Indonesia has revoked the regulations requiring travellers to undergo a rapid test or swab test before travelling. Now, travellers are only required to have a body temperature check.

As stated in the Ministry of Health’s new decree concerning guidelines for the prevention and control of coronavirus, new cases are to be tracked at entrances and exits.

To track COVID-19 at borders, the Ministry of Health has implemented the following steps:

  1. Increased supervision of travellers with regular temperature checks, observations of symptoms, and other health checks.
  2. Performing health document checks.
  3. If travellers are found to have a fever, they will be taken to isolation and questioned.
  4. If travellers show signs of a fever or symptoms of pneumonia, KKP officers will carry out an examination and use appropriate PPE to handle the situation.

Source: News 24

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