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Kartini Day 2021: Pacitan Surfers Wear Kebaya

kartini surfers
Kartini Day 2021: Pacitan Surfers Wear Kebaya

There are many ways that can be done to celebrate Kartini Day 2021. One of them is like what female surfers in Pacitan did, wearing a kebaya.

Salini Rengganis, 23, celebrates Kartini Day 2021 by surfing at Srau Beach while wearing a white top and jarik cloth with striated patterns.

Though this attire made it difficult for her to move, she finally managed surf.

“We commemorate Kartini Day because the concept is that we wear clothes while surfing. The risks are heavy. We often fall,” said Salini.

Actually, continued Salini, this is not the first time she has surfed in a kebaya. This habit has been a routine agenda since 2007. To be precise, since 21st April or Kartini Day.

Salini also wants to show the meaning of emancipation. One of them is clothes are not a barrier for women to channel their hobbies, including surfing.

“In today’s era of emancipation of women, there is no reason to give up. Especially just because of clothes,” said the professional surfer.

As time goes by, respect for the dignity of women is increasingly felt. This became even more pronounced when he travelled to a number of countries.

On Kartini Day 2021, Salini hopes that gender stereotypes will no longer exist in society. Likewise, there is no longer any patronage between the duties of women and men.

“The quantity of women who speak up raises the idea that they will be more open in the future. Keep our enthusiasm strong,” she added.

The Srau Beach area was deliberately chosen by Salini to surf. There, she wanted to share her knowledge with dozens of students who are members of the Pasir School, a nature-based learning platform for children studying at home during the pandemic.

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