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Top Links to Know During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Top Links to Know During COVID-19 Pandemic

Questions revolving vaccinations, hospitals, oxygen tanks, medicines, etc are all we’re seeing on the news and social media of late.

This truly is a rough time for Indonesia as the second wave hits the country even harder than a year ago.

Prevention is key, but if you’ve contracted the virus and require assistance, we’ve got the top nine links you need to know during the COVID-19 pandemic. Note: these websites are in Indonesian but you can set up your internet browser to translate pages.

  1. Self-Isolation at Home

“With the increasing spike in COVID-19 cases, if you are confirmed positive for COVID-19 and have no symptoms or have mild symptoms, you can self-isolate at home,” reads the COVID-19 Handling Task Force’s official website on what to do when you are undergoing self-isolation at home.

Continue to apply the 3M health protocols of mencuci tangan, menggunakan masker, dan menjaga jarak or wash your hands, wear a mask, and maintain a safe distance in the house, especially with those taking care of you. It is also necessary to separate everything you use in the bedroom and bathroom and regularly disinfect frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs. Stay in a room with good ventilation and lighting.


  1. Searching for a Hospital Room

This official link from the Health Ministry allows you to search for a room in a hospital for both COVID-19 positive and negative patients. Simply choose which category you fall in, choose the province and the city or subdistrict you’re located in. You will be directed to a list of hospitals in that area, with the site identifying whether the occupancy rate is full or not.


  1. All things COVID-19

Urun Daya contains information that can help you when you’ve been exposed and avoid being exposed to COVID-19. The data on this website is collected on a crowdsource basis.

You can participate in collecting and simultaneously accessing information about services to deal with COVID-19 through each of the categories presented, such as information on purchasing or refilling oxygen tanks, information on vaccination services, hospital hotlines, self-isolation places, plasma donor services, ambulance hotlines, community health centres (puskesmas), and PCR and antigen swab information. Clicking on one of these categories will direct you to a page of photos, contact details, and requirements needed to follow.


  1. Oxygen Tank Information

The availability of oxygen tanks throughout the country has been critical lately. This website allows users to upload and search information on oxygen tanks to buy or rent. Simply scroll down at the database provided, where users can use the filter and search features.


  1. Oxygen Tanks Rental

The Solidarity Movement of a Million Antigen Tests for Indonesia has created an application form for those seeking to rent oxygen tanks.

“Currently, we are only available with oxygen tanks without regulators. If you are still interested in borrowing, please continue filling out the form. Sorry for this limitation,” writes the online form.

As a borrower, you must fill out your email, name, phone number, second phone number, and complete address. Furthermore, you must fill out the patient’s full name, age, the type of COVID-19 test conducted, date of the test, the result of the test, the current oxygen saturation and temperature, as well as the place of isolation, include the detail of the unit and room number if at an apartment or hotel.

A couple of yes or no questions at the end ask whether you or any family member know how to use an oxygen tank and whether you are aware of oxygen dosages needed. Additionally, you will be asked whether you need a health worker to assist with antigen testing.


  1. Vaccination Locations

This website is similar to number 4. You can upload vaccination information and search through the database filled with information relating to the types of vaccines used, posters, documents required, and contact details.


  1. Plasma Donation via The Red Cross

Convalescent Plasma Donor is one of the passive immunisation methods carried out by giving plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19 to COVID-19 patients treated. According to Red Cross Indonesia, only those aged 18-60 years old, weighing over 55kg, and having never been pregnant are eligible to become plasma donors. Furthermore, plasma donors need to have a certificate of recovery from the treating doctor, been symptom-free for at least 14 days, have not received a blood transfusion in the last six months, and preferably have donated blood beforehand.

If you meet these criteria, you can fill out the Blood Donation and Informed Consent forms. The donor selection is done through history and physical examination. Next, is the examination at a donor lab where you will be checked on your blood type, antibody screening and infections transmitted through blood transfusions such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Syphilis. The plasma donation process will use the Apheresis engine for 45 minutes.


  1. Blood Donation

Are you seeking blood donors or wish to donate your blood to those in need? Blood for Life is a liaison between people who need blood transfusions and voluntary blood donors established in 2009. Check the list of blood requests on the website and find a recipient near your area. Then, contact the contact person listed for more details. Donate your blood to help them get back to health.

The Virtual ER (Virtual IGD) ensures that information on blood needs is distributed in the Blood4Life.ID Virtual IGD is correct information, not information that has expired or is hoax information. It is run by admin volunteers in various cities throughout the country.


  1. COVID 19 Medicine at Kimia Farma

As a platform curated together by the Health Ministry, a state-owned enterprise, and Biofarma, you can choose any COVID-19 medicines given that they are still in stock. “Currently, the data is updated regularly every day at 9am WIB, so it is not real-time data. Due to the high demand, please confirm availability at each pharmacy location,” writes the website.

Click on the boxes beside the name of the medicines you need. Below, choose the province and city or subdistrict you’re located in. A list of Kimia Farma clinics will pop up illustrating their addresses, information of being in stock or out of stock, and a contact number. Make sure to call to double-check on the stock and ask for further details.


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