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Jokowi Launched 9 Coronavirus Handling Products Made in Indonesia

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President Joko Widodo has launched range of research-focussed, technological, and innovative products to assist in the acceleration of handling the coronavirus pandemic. Jokowi said that the products are manufactured domestically.

“We should be proud because from the hands of the nation’s children, from our own hands, we are able to produce much-needed products,” Jokowi said.

There are nine domestically produced items that have been launched, which are: a rapid test kit; a PCR test kit; an emergency ventilator; a herbal immunomodulator; a plasma convalescence system; a mobile lab biosafety level (BSL) 2; an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to detect COVID-19; and finally a UVC Autonomous Mobile Robot, used for powered air purification.

With the items being made domestically, it will reduce the burden of importation on the government for health equipment needed to handle the coronavirus pandemic. Previously, Indonesia has imported the PCR corona testing equipment from other countries.

“I am very optimistic that the things that we used to never think of and we just imported, now can be produced by ourselves and we can be independent,” Jokowi said.

Much of the technology is still in laboratory testing and the developers are being encouraged to continue through to prototyping and production. The president wants the work of the nation to continue so that the technology can go on to be mass-produced at a level to meet domestic needs and also to export to foreign countries.

He also demanded that the community support and start appreciating domestic products. Jokowi invited all business and industry sectors to innovate to develop products domestically, especially in terms of handling coronavirus.

“Cooperation and collaboration among the nation’s people must be strengthened. The institutions of the world’s high school business industry and society all must cooperate,” he explained.

Source: Liputan 6

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