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Jakarta Implements 50 Percent Face-to-Face Schools Learning Starting Today

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A full face-to-face learning policy is being replaced with 50 percent learning and will take effect Friday 4th February, according to Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria

Patria explained that the initial proposal submitted by the Jakarta Provincial Government to the central government was to completely terminate the full face-to-face learning policy and replace it with distance learning. However, the central government chose to implement schooling at 50% capacity.

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“The Jakarta Provincial Government’s proposal was not rejected, this is a discussion, it is carried out in stages. There are pluses and minuses, the important thing is that everything is formulated together, discussed together, and we are obedient,” Patria explained.

Regarding technical full face-to-face learning with 50 percent capacity, Patria has submitted the arrangements to the Jakarta Provincial Education Office. For now, there is no time period for the policy to be enforced.

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