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Indonesia to Attract More Foreign Investors, Including China

In the wake of the Indonesian government’s attempts to attract more investment next year, Chinese business players seem to be increasingly interested in putting their money in Indonesia.

On Monday, President Joko Widodo made the decision to revoke as many as 3,143 rules at the provincial level which he considered to be holding the nation back from gaining competitiveness, according to Shanghai Daily.

“The rules hampered national capacity and slowed our speed to win competition,” President Widodo said.

Further, Chairman of Indonesian Coordinating Board Franky Sibarani said that the board has increased Indonesia’s investment target from Rp.594.8 trillion (about US$44.6 billion) this year to Rp.631.5 trillion (about US$47.3 billion) in 2017.

With the government’s determination to lure more foreign investment, it has also been revealed that more Chinese investors are setting their eyes on Indonesia.

The report came as investment realization data in the last year suggested a 518.6 percent hike compared to 2015, with Chinese investors having reached a staggering US$464.6 million in the first quarter of 2016.

Chairman of consultant firm RSM, Amir Abadi Jusuf, observed that the improving investment climate motivated Chinese investors to access more information and explore more possibilities on investing in Indonesia.

“Chinese investors’ interest and curiosity is very big. They are coming more often to discuss doing business in the country, the prospective sectors, and learning about Indonesia’s banking industry road map,” he said yesterday as reported by The Jakarta Post.

Jusuf also added that the Chinese were consequently ranked the fourth-largest investor in the nation after Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.


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