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Man Walks 470km from to Meet President Jokowi on Independence Day

A man walking from Wonosobo to Jakarta in order to meet President Jokowi

A 52-year-old-man has decided to embark on a 470km journey by walking from his hometown in Wonosobo, Central Java, to Jakarta in order to meet President Jokowi at the State Palace and commemorate Indonesia’s 74th independence day.

Mahmudin, who left his house on 7th August, expects to reach the palace by 15 or 16th August so that he can celebrate Independence Day, which falls on the 17th. It’s going to take him approximately 10 days to reach the palace.

Throughout his journey, Mahmudin is carrying an Indonesian flag and two banners describing his goal: “Walking from Wonosobo to Jakarta to the State Palace to celebrate the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day. I hope to meet Mr. President Joko Widodo at the palace. Indonesia is my home.”

He wishes to convey to the president his wishes to maintain peace and harmony in the nation. During his breaks, Mahmudin often stops at gas stations and mosques.

Mahmudin stated that his struggles often remind him of the sacrifices made by the national heroes who fought for Indonesia’s independence throughout history. “It is quite tiring, but it’s nothing compared to the struggle of the fighters and ancestors in the past,” the father of three added.

Source: The Jakarta Post
Image: Tribun News

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