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Bluebird Taxi Driver Rescued a Kidnapped Jambi Woman

Bluebird Taxi Driver Rescued a Kidnapped Jambi Woman

A Bluebird taxi driver based in Jakarta, named Dadang, has rescued a kidnapped young woman from Jambi. He thought to himself, “What if it was my child or niece who was kidnapped?”

That Tuesday morning, as he usually did after dropping off his passengers, Dadang took time to look for a place to hang out and rest while waiting to find new passengers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost all fields of industry, including transportation. At present, Dadang is grateful if he can serve two to three customers per day. “However, it really depends on our activity. If you just relax and wait, you will not get any passengers. Therefore, I am more inclined to “pick up the ball” and actively look for consumers who need my services,” said Dadang.

Dadang spotted a confused, young woman wearing a hijab with a shabby face and red eyes near Taman Mpu Sendok in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. He offered the woman a taxi ride. However, the offer, which was originally expected to be a passenger, turned out to be a long story.

The woman, identified as Narmi Andriani, turned out to be from Jambi and she’d been reported missing since 29th May. Although she was still in a state of confusion, Dadang knew that she was in need of help. After a quick conversation, the taxi driver told Narmi to contact relatives and family through Facebook. While waiting for an answer, he surprisingly saw one of Narmi’s relatives’ posts on Facebook which stated she’d disappeared on 29th May.

Long story short, Narmi slowly began to recount what had happened to her. She said that she’d managed to escape from her kidnapping because she’d pretended to pass out and then was later dumped on a road in Lampung. Narmi then boarded a pickup truck, not knowing who the driver was. When the truck came to Empu Sendok bus stop area in South Jakarta, she didn’t know where she was. She asked Dadang,

“Sir, what day is it? Where am I?”

The situation started to brighten up. Dadang was eventually able to communicate with Narmi’s father in Jambi, who asked for his help in bringing his sister to the Senen Regional Police Station. Narmi’s father cried when he heard that Dadang had found and helped his daughter to finally get in contact with her family. That night, Narmi’s father left his home to pick up Narmi in Jakarta.

Even after Narmi went back home with her father, Dadang continued to remember the woman’s condition, she’d seemed utterly confused. He felt happy because she was able to be reunited with her family once again. He’d sacrificed his time and energy that day and wasn’t able to find new fares.

Ibu Noni Purnomo, CEO of the Bluebird Group rewards Dadang for rescuing a woman in Jambi.

The innocence of Dadang’s response illustrates the greatness of the soul and its sincerity; he did something for the good and happiness of other people; without expecting response or praise.

“I did this and now I am grateful to be working at Bluebird. To me, Bluebird is always trying to provide safety and comfort for passengers. I’m sure that we shouldn’t hesitate to help others, because our fortune will not run anywhere,” he said. “For example today, I feel very honoured to have received an invitation to have lunch with the leadership of the company for what happened yesterday,” he said.

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