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German Seizes Local’s Vehicle, Hits Petrol Station Rest Area

German crashed car
German Seizes Local’s Vehicle, Hits Petrol Station Rest Area. DOK Kepolisian

A German named Class Riese, 56, seized a car in Bali and crashed into the rest area of the Banjar Asem Seriri gas station, Buleleng, causing damage to the vehicle.

The victim’s vehicle’s front, rear, and left mirror are damaged,said Head of Public Relations of the Buleleng Police, Bali, AKP Gede Sumarjaya on Saturday 24th September 2022. 

On Friday 23rd September at around 4:30 local Bali time, Riese and a victim called Ikhwanul, 35, were driving a Daihatsu Luxio. Riese asked the victim to take him to meet his friend in the Serangan Island area of ​​Denpasar.

On the way, Riese asked the Ikhwanul to stop at a gas station to refuel. Riese took over the steering wheel by force, which resulted in a crash into the rest area. 

Riese continued to drive off with the victim’s vehicle, heading east towards Singaraja City. Police acted quickly to intercept and chase based on information received from locals.  

The car was seen passing around Singaraja City. Police chased Riese around the Banyuasri area and Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Udayana until finally stopping at the Jalan Ngurai Rai area, precisely in front of the Regional General Hospital of Buleleng Regency.

The German pretended to enter a shop nearby after he was stopped by the police. Without opposition, Riese was finally secured and taken to the Buleleng Police for further legal proceedings.

“Currently, the reported person is still in the custody of the Buleleng Police Criminal Investigation Unit. The car is privately owned by the victim,” said Sumarjaya  “For now, this case is still being investigated and developed. It is unclear why the car was seized by the German foreigner.

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