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Gala Dinner with Adult Star Miyabi in Jakarta Threatened with Cancellation

Gala Dinner with Adult Star Miyabi
Gala Dinner with Adult Star Miyabi. source instagram maria.ozawa0108

Former Japanese adult film actress Maria Ozawa, aka Miyabi, will hold a Gala Dinner in Jakarta. However, it is being strongly opposed.

“Gala Dinner with Miyabi” is set to take place on 5th June 2022 for two hours in a five-star hotel in Jakarta. The entrance ticket is priced at Rp15 million plus 11 percent tax per person and is available to only 50 attendees, according to distributed flyers issued by Repezen Entertainment Present.

Fans will reportedly listen to a live music performance, receive autographs and souvenirs, and will also be chat freely and take pictures with Miyabi during the dinner. However, Miyabi’s plan for this dinner has invited strong opposition from Damai Hari Lubis, a legal and political observer of Mujahid 212, an Islamic group that made its name during a 2019 mass that was meant to save Indonesia. 

The former spokesman for Habib Rizieq Shihab assessed that Miyabi’s arrival will bring down Anies Baswedan’s name at the end of his leadership term as DKI Jakarta Governor. Therefore, Lubis asked the Governor to act and not permit Miyabi to hold an event in Jakarta. 

Because it could be an entertainment event that can become a trap for the governor,” Lubis said on Monday 16th May.

He went on to say that Miyabi’s presence in Jakarta when Anies Baswedan is the governor could sour the name of the figure who is predicted to be a presidential candidate in 2024. Aside from that, this event could be used by irresponsible people to enliven the issue of intolerance.

“There will be a lot of rejection from residents of Jakarta and its surroundings. It is also prone to provocations that will disrupt the security of DKI Jakarta,” he said

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